Left Right and Center

Left Right and Center: A Participatory Investigation of Cerebral Action

It is said that by tilting your head to the right, your brain accesses images and emotions. And by tilting your head to the left, your brain accesses thoughts and sequential reasoning.

Is this true? Help us find out!

This installation explores the stated theory through a participatory study of simple mark making and directional head tilts. As the night progresses, we will collectively discover if there is a discernible difference between the two cerebral positions when drawing a horizontal line.

Will your line maintain consistency? Will it reflect a larger pattern of the group? Will you be able to feel a cognitive difference between the 6 different drawing stations? Test it out for yourself with the assistance of each of our hemisphere drawing station monitors!


As you circulate the gallery, you will have the opportunity to lean your head to the left, to the right, and centered upright while engaging with the simple drawing exercise: drawing a horizontal line from left to right, and from right to left. Each station is devoted to a singular action, as identified by the adjacent symbol on the wall and is monitored by a helpful drawing assistant. The sequence in which you visit the stations does not matter and we encourage you to try your hand at each of the six directions for the full experience! In doing so, we will thoroughly test the directional response of the two brain hemispheres and the corresponding movements of the hand.

We thank you for your engagement and welcome you to check out the website www.inlaboratory.com for more information about tonight's investigation and for images of the results!

To participate, grab a flier with an ID# from the front window ledges and pick a starting station. Questions can be directed towards your station volunteer or to Jessica Brooke Anderson, the head investigator.

The Laboratory gives special thanks to the volunteer station monitors: David Anderson, Emmy Lingscheit, Ashton Ludden, Guen Montgomery, and Chelsie Nunn